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There is a difference between making money for oneself and creating wealth for others. This is the sincere & humble tribute from bottom of our heart for a living legend because of whom we are standing at this juncture. The story is about our pioneer. Our respected SHRI D.SURESH is an exceptional human being and an outstanding leader. A man far ahead of his times, They epitomized the dauntless entrepreneurial spirit.

They dared to dream on a scale unimaginable before in Indian spices export industry. His life and achievements prove that backed by confidence, courage and conviction, man can achieve the impossible. 5DEXPORTERS is a living testimony to his indomitable will, single-minded dedication and an unrelenting commitment to his goals.

Under D.SURESH visionary leadership, the group has carved out a distinct place for itself in the global pantheon of corporate giants. His unique vision redefined the potential to outperform the best, Mr. D.SURESH is not just firmly rooted in traditional Indian values, but is also the quintessentially modern man, the man of the new millennium. This is clearly reflected in his passion for new projects, the most advanced technology and the highest level of productivity. Prestigious awards and titles conferred to him by national and international organizations are endless. He is lauded for his dynamic, pioneering and innovative genius.


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  • Address: 5DEXPORTERS,Madurai
                  Tamil Nadu,

  • Phone: +91 805 664 95 77.

  • Website: www.5dexporters.com

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